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Nanlib Guatemalan Artist


Nanz, Nan, Nanlib, iNanz, Nanlove, Just short for Nancy. Guatemalan Woman. My country flag is a very enchanting #Quetzal these species of birds cannot live in a cage or they pass away. They need freedom. One of the worlds most beautiful birds. The Quetzal was sacred to Maya and Aztec people. It takes males three years to grow their long tales. Maya and Aztec peoples, and royalty and priests wore its feathers during ceremonies. Little is known of my country, but it’s the land everlasting green. Makes sense why I am so into nature. This art, represents my culture, even tho I made this pink. One of my favorite colors. I will be making some merch. Hope you can support me. #nanlib #nanlibinvasion #guatemalaart #inanz #nanlove #quetzal #maya #guatemala #guatemalacity #antiguaguatemala NANLIB.COM 🇬🇹